Hop Lung

  • Name: Hop Lung ?? 合隆麵家魚蛋大王
  • Cuisine: Hong Kong noodles
    • Soup base
      • Sour and spicy
      • “Vietnamese”
    • Heaviness
      • Light
    • Noodles (choice)
      • Rice noodles
        • Thin or thick
      • Egg noodles
        • Thin or thick
  • Cost: $ (~HK$60)
  • Bargain: Not really (relatively speaking)
  • Payment: Cash
  • Size: Tiny; seats 30 (squeezed together)
  • Area: Happy Valley, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The restaurant is small and everyone squeezed next to each other. We shared a table with a few other customers. I forgot about that sharing tables is part of HK culture. I also had my bulky camera bag and sat next to the storage? room, so I kept on getting banged around as customers and the waitress squeezed behind me.

Typical of Chinese/HK noodle shops, we got to choose our toppings, soup base, and noodles. I love how one soup base can taste differently depending on which noodle type you pick. Rice or egg noodles? Thick or thin noodles? Noodle lover’s dream!

My friend ordered the 扎肉 酸辣湯底 米粉 $48 (~¥662) for both of us. It was basically vermicelli with Vietnamese chả lụa. The chả was slightly peppery, tasted just like Vietnamese chả. The noodle soup came with bean sprouts, some cut chili peppers, and a slice of lemon. The soup tasted like a light tom yum koong instant noodle soup mix. It tasted spicy and sour and that was it. Not much depth to the soup.
HK Trip '16 Day 1 0014 (合隆麵家 - 扎肉酸辣湯底米粉) HK Trip '16 Day 1 0016 (合隆麵家 - 扎肉酸辣湯底米粉)

Since we were still hungry, we ordered a second bowl. This time I got 四寶丸 酸辣湯底 銀絲蛋麺. This time, I got the thin HK-style egg noodles instead of rice vermicelli. My friend got the same toppings (四寶丸) but with different soup base (越南) and noodles (米粉). Also love how the toppings dictate the cost, not the type of soup base nor noodle type. Both were HK$60 (~¥830).

I liked this one better. I love the crispy? (not sure what the correct adjective would be to describe that texture) thin HK noodles. Even in LA, we don’t have them. I usually don’t like thin noodles (e.g. angel hair pasta). But I love the thin HK egg noodles because despite their thinness, they’re still have a nice crispy al dente bite. This bowl came with fish ball, squid ball, dumpling, and fried fish cake (if memory serves me). What I liked about this order were the various textures. Dense fish? balls, spongy squid? balls, fluffy fried fish cake, thick and chewy dumpling skin, crunchy celery? in the dumpling filling, etc.
HK Trip '16 Day 1 0020 (合隆麵家 - 四寶丸酸辣湯底銀絲蛋麺) HK Trip '16 Day 1 0025 (合隆麵家 - 四寶丸酸辣湯底銀絲蛋麺)

I asked my friend if I could try his some of his soup since he ordered the “Vietnamese” soup base. I only had a sip and I didn’t like it. I don’t know what part of Vietnam that soup was supposed to be from because it didn’t taste like phở bò nor phở gà nor bún riêu nor bún bò Huế, etc. It’s as if someone who had never had phở before trying to replicate the brown soup by throwing in whatever. It tasted like… a little like Chinese herbal tea, reminded me of luo han guo. I didn’t have more to pinpoint the flavors, nor did I want to. I’m glad I stuck with the sour and spicy soup base.
HK Trip '16 Day 1 0021 (合隆麵家 - 四寶丸越南粉)

At first, I thought it was pretty decent since I was so hungry, hadn’t been in HK in a couple of years, and had nothing recent to compare it with. But after thinking back about it a few days later, it was pretty average. Also for what each bowl costs, I expected more food. For example, the next day, I was able to get a loaded up bowl at Sing Lum Khui for HK$50. For the taste, it’s average. It’d give it a 2.5. But it gets a lower score once I factor in taste, price, and amount.

Overall: 2/5 Rating
TL;DR: Can get cheaper noodles elsewhere
Recommend: Pass

Website: N/A
跑馬地成和道39號E6地下, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong


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