Yunnan Noodles 雲南小鍋米線

  • Name: Yunnan Noodles ?? 雲南小鍋米線
  • Cuisine: Yunnan rice noodles
    • Soup base
      • Sour and spicy
    • Heaviness
      • Light
    • Medium-thin round rice noodles
  • Cost: $ (~HK$60)
  • Bargain: Yes!!
  • Payment: Cash
  • Size: Tiny; 15? seats (squeezed together)
  • Area: Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

Since I didn’t get my order just perfect at Sing Lum Khui the previous night, I was still craving some spicy sour Yunnan rice noodles. So my friends took me to another Yunnan rice noodle place. It’s more out of the way but it’s actually more popular than Sing Lum Khui, according to my friends.

We got there by 12:20 PM. There was already a queue outside with 18+ customers waiting. Some were waiting for take-out though. It’s a really small place with 15? seats.
HK Trip '16 Day 3 0009 (雲南小鍋米線 - Queue)

We got seated by 12:30 PM. Which is a lot faster than I thought considering the queue. Since there’s no English menu, I left everything in my friend’s hands. HK Trip '16 Day 3 0012 (雲南小鍋米線 - Menu)

Because everyone eats and leaves, and they want you to quickly eat and leave, I couldn’t really take my time to try to decipher the menu. The waitress expected us to know exactly what we wanted even before we sat down.

I got the spicy & sour noodles at Medium Spicy with spicy pork and spicy brisket. The waitress warned that I can’t change the broth if it’s too spicy since the spicy minced pork and spicy brisket will make the soup spicier. But I stuck to my guns. At Sing Lum Khui, I lowered the spice level for the same reason she said and because of that, wasn’t satisfied with the spice level. So this time, I  keep it at Medium Spicy. If it turned out to be too spicy, then I’d just have to man up. Better to be too spicy than not spicy at all. My bowl came out at the right level of spiciness for me. It was much spicier than my bowl at Sing Lum Khui the night before. It was quite spicy but not too painful. It certainly warmed my stomach. The spicy minced pork was stir-fried before being topped on the noodles, so that gave the meat a nice caramelization taste. The noodles came topped with bean sprouts and some fermented bokchoy. Unlike Sing Lum Khui, the noodles didn’t come with any coriander nor green onions.

HK Trip '16 Day 3 0017 (雲南小鍋米線) HK Trip '16 Day 3 0018 (雲南小鍋米線)

It was so good. It hit the spot. The soup was slightly sour and very spicy. The noodles weren’t overcooked. In terms of taste, this was much better than Sing Lum Khui. If you can figure out how to get there and order by yourself, I highly recommend this place. Otherwise, for tourists, I recommend Sing Lum Khui. It might not be as good, but its ease of accessibility and English menu make up for it.

If this place was more easy to get to for tourists and has an English menu, I’d would easily give it a higher rating.

Overall: 4/5 Rating
TL;DR: To-the-point spicy Yunnan noodle joint.
Recommend: Highly Recommend

Website: N/A
葵涌梨木道112號地下5舖, New Territories, Hong Kong


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