Red Rock

  • Name: Red Rock
  • Cuisine: Steak
  • Cost: ¥-¥¥ (~¥800+)
  • Bargain: Good
  • Payment: Cash
  • Size: Big; 54 seats (counter, tables, booths)
  • Wait: 30+ min. during lunch
  • Area: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Japan
  • Station: Shinsaibashi

I saw a picture of their large roast beef bowl in food magazine, so I wanted to try it.
ReRock Cafe 001 (storefront).jpg

I got the roast beef bowl (L) for ¥1150, Friend1 got the steak bowl (L) for ¥1250, and Friend2 went all out with the 1 lb (450 g) steak bowl for ¥2350.

Inside, it was relatively big but cramp because the bar took up most of the room in the middle of the restaurant. They had counter seats, tables, and booths. According to its website, the place has 54 seats. I guess there’s more room on the other side. I couldn’t really see since the bar was blocking my view.

I was disappointed that my large roast beef bowl didn’t look as big and tall as the pictures. However, there was more meat than it looks. The roast beef was thinly sliced and tender. It was topped with a egg yolk and some kind of white sauce. Not tartar sauce. Hidden underneath the meat was some rice with a sweet teriyaki-ish sauce. Sprinkled sparingly with the rice were some crushed pepper and chili powder. ReRock Cafe 005 (L roast beef bowl).jpg

The 1 lb bowl didn’t look that much bigger either. It looked nearly identical to the large. But my friend told me that there’s two layers of beef hidden underneath. That there is, indeed, a lot of meat despite the appearance. ReRock Cafe 007 (450g steak bowl).jpg ReRock Cafe 011 (450g steak bowl).jpg

Actually, my bowl indeed had a lot of meat. There was more meat than rice. I finished all the rice and still had beef leftover. Which is always a good thing. ReRock Cafe 017 (L roast beef bowl - underneath).jpg

When we left, there was an even longer queue outside. ReRock Cafe 022 (queue @ 1PM).jpg

¥1,000 for a (very) good amount of tender beef in Japan?! You can’t disagree that it’s not a good deal.

While I went to the one in Osaka, Red Rock has branch stores in Kobe, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto, etc.

Overall: 4/5 Rating
TL;DR: Yummy, affordable, and big-portioned beef bowls.
Recommend: (Highly) Recommend

大阪府 大阪市 中央区西 心斎橋2-10-21 スパジオビルディング 1F


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