Maguro Koya

  • Name: Maguro Koya まぐろ小屋
  • Cuisine: Tuna (Bowls)
  • Cost: ¥-¥¥ (¥1000+)
  • Bargain: Good
  • Payment: Cash
  • Size: Small; 9? counter seats, two 4-seat table, and one 6-seat table
  • Wait: ~15-30? minutes
  • Area: Nara City, Japan
  • Station: Kintetsu Nara Station

The restaurant is easy enough to find. It’s just three blocks down the side street from the station.
Maguro Koya 001 (storefront).jpg

The place is quite small and intimate. It’s run by a friendly elderly couple. The wife speaks some English. They also have an English and Chinese menus. Maguro Koya menu 1.jpg
Maguro Koya menu 2.jpg

I got the double medium-fatty tuna bowl 中トロ丼ダブル for ¥1500.

The portions were on the smaller side but quality over quantity. However, once I dug into it, I learned that there were two layers of tuna underneath: tuna, rice, tuna, and rice. Seeing that I did have more tuna after all appeased my mind (and stomach). The tuna sashimi slices were nice thick slices. My “complaint” was that the tuna was kinda ice-cold. The rice was sparsely topped with some sweet soy sauce.
Maguro Koya 008 (中トロ丼ダブル).jpg Maguro Koya 015 (中トロ丼ダブル - double layer).jpg

We ended up as the last customers since I took long time taking pix and writing notes down on my journal. So we chatted with owners a bit. They’re very friendly and nice. I told them I found their place via the Internet. The husband asked me which site. I told him WikiTravel. He then pointed at himself and said “elderly gentlemen” referring to WikiTravel‘s review. LOL. Apparently, he read the review. Haha. He said he also gets lots of (foreign) customers through TripAdvisor and Google Maps.

Overall: betsubara-3-5-star-35px
TL;DR: No-frills tuna restaurant run by a friendly couple.
Recommend: Recommend

Website: N/A
Address: 奈良県 奈良市 花芝町6


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