• Name: Ten’gyan 天狗庵
  • Cuisine: Ramen, mazesoba
    • Soup base
      • Niboshi
    • Heaviness
      • Light あっさり
    • Noodles
      • Thick, flat
  • Cost: ¥ (~¥1,000)
  • Bargain: Good
  • Size: Small; 11 seats
  • Area: Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City
  • Station: Kamishinjo Station

Ten'gyan Ramen 001 (storefront).jpg Passing by, I saw that Ten’gyan has ‘Taiwan mazesoba’, a style of mazesoba which is basically mazesoba topped with nira chives and spicy ground pork, so I decided to try it out. I had their ビリガツ盛りまぜそば (Spicy Extra Large Mazesoba) for ¥1080. For ¥200 more than the price of the regular, I got twice as much noodles. That’s a bargain, so why not?! There are three spiciness levels. I chose 3, the highest. Ten'gyan Ramen 003 (menu).jpg

The spicy mazesoba was a big bowl of thick flat noodles topped with thinly shredded scallions, chopped nira chives, tender menma bamboo shoots, shredded nori seaweed, spicy ground pork mix, and raw egg yolk.  I like their menma. Not the typical mass produced rectangle menma. It was slightly pungent but tender.
Ten'gyan Ramen 007 (辛いまぜそば).jpg

Along with my bowl of noodles, the waitress gave me a small tub of spicy miso for rice. For the mazesoba, they offer a free bowl of rice to add to the remaining ramen sauce. Ten'gyan Ramen 008 (spicy miso paste).jpg

The sauce was good and pretty spicy. According to menu posters hung around the restaurant, the sauce is a combination of sweet shoyu, olive oil, and dried sardines. I’m usually OK with extra large portions but actually, this was too much food. And while it wasn’t super spicy, the heat built up and got more as I ate. In the end, I couldn’t finish all the mazesoba. There was no way I’d even add a bowl of rice to the ramen!
Ten'gyan Ramen 009 (辛いまぜそば).jpg

When I went again and got the regular mazesoba, that was still a lot of food! Even when I finished all my noodles, there was still a lot of ground pork mix leftover. Seeing that it’ll be a waste to throw all that goodness away, I decided to get just a small scoop of rice to mix with the leftover meat sauce. As soon as I took the next bite, my stomach quickly informed me that was a horrible idea and it was about to explode.

Tip: Unless you’re a super huge eater, regular-sized mazesoba is ample.

Since their soup base is fish based (煮干し), when I went back yet again, I decided that I should try that.  I had their 特製煮干しラーメン (Deluxe Niboshi Ramen) for ¥950. When I ordered, the waiter asked me chijime? reimen? or straight. I didn’t really understand what he was saying. I assume he was asking me about the type of noodles. Not knowing what either looks like, I just replied back straight since I know straight is straight. The toppings were seasoned medium-boiled egg, menma, chashu, and nori seaweed. The noodles were thin straight noodles. The soup was light. I could taste some of the sardines but it wasn’t overly fishy. Thin slices of chashu.
Ten'gyan 003 (特製煮干しラーメン).jpg
Ten'gyan 005 (特製煮干しラーメン - chashu).jpg
Ten'gyan 007 (特製煮干しラーメン - soup).jpg

Anyway, their niboshi ramen was decent good. However, I prefer and like their mazesoba much more.

Overall: 3.5/5 Rating
TL;DR: Spicy “Taiwanese” mazesoba with ample portions.
Recommend: Yes

Website: N/A
大阪府 大阪市 東淀川区 瑞光1-16-8


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