• Name: Fuku Ryu RAPAS Benke WADACHI ふく流ラパス 分家 ワダチ
  • Cuisine: Mazesoba
    • Noodles
      • Thick, flat, crinkly
  • Cost: ¥ (~¥800)
  • Bargain: Average
  • Payment: Cash
  • Size: Small; 14 counter seats
  • Wait: People usually finish eating ramen within 15 minutes
  • Area: Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Japan
  • Station: Sakaisuji-Hommachi, Exit 8

Rapas Wadachi 001 (storefront).jpg

Their main menu is very limited. Only three, four items on menu. I don’t know if I can call them a ramen shop because their noodles aren’t your typical mazesoba ― Asari RAPAS あさりラパス is a mazesoba with clams; Chicken Junkie チキンジャンキー has cashews and whatnot; Double Crunch ダブルクランチ is topped with keema curry. Rapas Wadachi 002 (menu).jpg

I asked the waitress what “RAPAS” meant. She told me ramen + pasta. I assumed that was the case.

I got the Deluxe Double Crunch 特製ダブルクランチ (¥1050) + ¥50 cheese rice bowl. Great news is that extra order of noodles is free. Don’t mind if I do!! I recommend getting extra noodles. Portion-wise, the extra noodles is just enough (for me). I feel like the normal portion is just a tad too small.
Rapas Wadachi 004 (free extra noodles).jpg

The Double Crunch came topped with rare chashu, sautéed keema ground pork?, diced red onions, shredded cabbage, thin strips of dried chili pepper, mizuna (Japanese mustard greens). All on top of medium-large noodles. Underneath all that were melted shredded cheese and hot curry. I could smell the coriander, cumin, star anise. According to their menu, they use 13 kinds of spice. Rapas Wadachi 015 (Double Crunch).jpg
Rapas Wadachi 021 (Double Crunch).jpg Rapas Wadachi 024 (Double Crunch).jpg

I really liked it. So many flavors and contrasting textures. The chewiness of the noodles. The sautéed ground pork gave it a nice caramelization. The spicy aroma of the curry. The cheesiness of the… cheese. The meatiness from the chashu. The crunch from the cabbage and onions. The pungency from the onion. I guess the double crunch in its name is the crunch from the cabbage and onions??

The cheese bowl came with shredded cheese flame-kissed by a blowtorch?. The cheese was toasted somehow. It gave the cheese and rice a nice smokey aroma. Very unique. Cheese at a noodle shop?! So unconventional!!
Rapas Wadachi 017 (Broiled Cheese Bowl).jpg

I found the place so unique and creative that I had to go back a second time to try out their other creations.

The second time I went there, the waitress recommended that I try the day’s special, Deluxe Miso Chicken and Shrimp (← rough translation) 特製海老鶏スープの鶏ミンチ味噌炒め (¥1050). My friend got the Deluxe Chicken Junkie 特製チキンジャンキー (¥900).

My Miso Chicken and Shrimp was topped with thin strips of dried chili pepper, four slices of chashu, diced scallions, and the miso ground chicken. I was hoping that I’d get some shrimp too but none was to be found. It was a lot soup-ier than I expected. Since I had the Double Crunch last time which was relatively dry (that is, not much soup), I assumed this would be the same. It was more like ramen than mazesoba since there was so much soup. The soup was very shrimpy. Rapas Wadachi 008 (Miso Chicken Shrimp).jpg
Rapas Wadachi 010 (Miso Chicken Shrimp).jpg

I tried a bite of my friend’s Chicken Junkie. It came topped with with mitsuba, yuzu zest, deep-fried onions?, crushed and whole cashews, cubed chicken, and diced onions. In addition, the Deluxe came topped with four slices of chashu and a raw egg yolk. The yolk added to the creaminess of the sauce. The yuzu zest added a nice citrus flavor and aroma. The onions added a crunch. The sauce wasn’t has much as my Miso Chicken and Shrimp, so it was more like a proper mazesoba. The sauce was also more thick and creamy than the Miso Chicken and Shrimp. I couldn’t pinpoint any specific flavors from the sauce other than creamy. Rapas Wadachi 005 (Chicken Junkie).jpg
Rapas Wadachi 006 (Chicken Junkie).jpg

Overall, I like the Double Crunch the most. Second, the Chicken Junkie. Lastly, the Miso Chicken and Shrimp. I like the Double Crunch because it’s more “dry” (i.e. not too saucy), the crunch, and the various textures and flavors. The Chicken Junkie also has various flavors and textures. Both the Double Crunch and Chicken Junkie are also colorful. The Miso Chicken and Shrimp was just shrimpy. And not much else in terms of texture and toppings and flavors. It’s not bad. Just compared to the others, it’s not as exciting and was the most traditional.

Overall, it was good. Very unique. I’ve gone there several times now.

Overall: 4.5/5 Rating
TL;DR: Great and unique fusion mazesoba!
Recommend: Highly Recommend

Website: N/A
大阪府 大阪市中央区 南本町2-3-11 玉屋ビル 1F


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