Sauce Boss

  • Name: Sauce Bossソースボス
  • Cuisine: Chicken wings
  • Cost: ¥ (~¥1,000)
  • Bargain: On the pricey side
  • Payment: Cash
  • Size: Medium; tables and counter seats
  • Area: Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Japan
  • Station: Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Station

Update 2017-09-15: Wing Wednesday is now ¥1,500 ¥2,000 all-you-can-eat. The ¥300/order Wing Wednesday that I had is no longer available.

Sauce Boss Osaka 001 (Storefront).jpg A new wing place opened up earlier this month and they have ¥60 wings on Wednesday, so my friends and I had to go check it out. We got there at 5 PM when they opened and were the first customers but more and more customers soon filled up the place. All of the customers were foreigners/expats.

They have huge number of sauces for their wings. Eighteen to be exact. They also have various craft beers. On Wing Wednesday, some of their wings are ¥60 each with a minimum order of 5 wings. Last week’s Wing Wednesday sauces were:

  • classic buffalo
  • chili lime
  • salt & pepper
  • green curry & coconut
  • pineapple teriyaki

Sauce Boss Osaka 002 (Wing Wednesday).jpg

For their regular menu, it is ¥900 for small (5 wings), ¥1300 for large (8 wings).

With five of us, we each ordered at least two orders of wings and were able to sample all five Wing Wednesday sauces. We also got an order of honey garlic and jalapeño & cheese to try.

The class buffalo wings were not buffalo wings. Buffalo wings should be a little tangy/sour and spicy from Frank’s Red Hot sauce and slightly buttery from the melted butter. However, their “classic buffalo” was basically wings with cayenne powder. I’m totally fine if they were called spicy wings, but they’re not buffalo wings.
Sauce Boss Osaka 006 (Classic Buffalo).jpg

The coconut curry chicken was OK. There was a hint of the green curry but not enough to seep into the meat. The honey garlic was slightly sweet. My image of honey garlic was that they’d be more thick, sticky, sweet, and garlicy.

Appearance-wise, the S&P looked good. Since it wasn’t covered with sauce, the wings were really crispy. However, it was too salty! It would’ve been perfect if they went easy on the salt and kicked up the pepper a bit. Sauce Boss Osaka 021 (Salt & Pepper).jpg

The one I liked the most was the chili lime. It needed more lime IMHO. Actually, the more appropriate description is Thai sweet chilli wings. They were crispy but with sweet spicy (sour) sauce.
Sauce Boss Osaka 008 (Chili Lime).jpg

I also liked the jalapeño and cheese. It tasted as advertised: cheesy and jalapeño-y. Sauce Boss Osaka 013 (Jalapeño & Cheese).jpg

I would’ve liked the pineapple teriyaki wings to be slightly sweeter. I couldn’t really taste the pineapple.

My top three were: 1) chili lime, 2) jalapeño cheese, 3) S&P (since it’s the crispest). Some of the wings were crispy even with the sauce, some weren’t. I wasn’t sure if that depended on the sauce or they got soggy by the time I got to those wings.

My overall critique of Sauce Boss was that nearly all the wings we ordered were on the mild side. I personally would’ve liked them to be a bit more saucy/flavorful. Honey garlic wasn’t that sweet. Couldn’t taste the pineapple in the pineapple teriyaki. Chili lime needed more lime. Coconut curry was also a bit bland after the first couple of bites. Etc.

However, I definitely go back for Wing Wednesday. ¥300/order on Wing Wednesday, who can say no?

Overall: betsubara-3-5-star-35px

TL;DR: Wing place with 18 sauces and huge selection of craft beer. But sauces on the mild-side IMHO.

Recommend: Recommend


Address: 大阪府 大阪市西区 北堀江 1-5-13


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