Falafel Garden

  • Name: Falafel Garden ファラフェルガーデン
  • Cuisine: Falafel, pita, Israeli
    • Vegan items
  • Cost: ¥ (~¥1,000)
  • Bargain: Good
  • Payment: Cash, Credit Card
  • Size: Big
  • Area: Sakyō-ku, Kyoto City, Japan
  • Station: Keihan Demachiyanagi Station

The restaurant is just down the street from Demachiyanagi Station.

The place smelled of coriander? seeds. Nice smell. The place has a nice and cozy decor. It has large glass windows in front and back of the restaurant, so the natural light added to its warm atmosphere.
Falafel Garden 002 (storefront).jpg

On their menu, they have various pitas. Even vegan friendly with items like falafel, baba ganush, avocado pitas. They even have various ethnic desserts like baklava dessert. I love baklava! But was too cheap to order it. I got their 2 pita set for ¥1430 since I wanted to sample their menu. I chose a falafel pita and a chicken pita.
Falafel Garden 004 (2 Pita Set).jpg

The falafel was very soft, not dense as I thought. Nice spice. Nice crunch from cucumbers and lettuce and cabbage. For the pita, there were two kinds of sauce, a red sauce and a white sauce. I personally would’ve liked more sauce. It was mostly on the top. I would’ve liked some more sauce inside the pita too. Falafel Garden 007 (Falafel Pita).jpg

The chicken pita was nicely marinated. Yellow from cumin? turmeric? I rarely get to eat pitas since they’re so rare in Japan. And when I do, it’s usually filled with fillers instead of meat. However, Falafel Garden doesn’t skimp! The chicken filling went all the way to the bottom instead of lettuce fillers. Since falafels are round, there was more wasted space in the pita. The chicken was definitely the more bang-for-the-buck of the two.
Falafel Garden 009 (Chicken Pita).jpg

Both pitas were very yummy. The ingredients were very fresh. It felt good eating them. And I felt good afterwards. I didn’t feel heavy or sluggish despite eating two pitas. I felt like I could eat another pita. But my wallet told me otherwise.

Overall, I really like the place. The decor is bright and cozy. The food is fresh and delicious. They are even vegan friendly which is extremely difficult to find in Japan. I’d definitely go back if I am ever in the area again.

Overall: 4/5 Rating
TL;DR: Delicious and fresh falafels and pitas. Vegan menu!
Recommend: Highly Recommend

Website: http://www.falafelgarden.com/info.html
京都府 京都市 左京区 田中上柳町 15-2


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