About Food

Before starting, let me tell you about my tastes so that you can somewhat understand where I’m coming from and what to expect from my food reviews.

First off, I love noodles. I’ve been eating noodles since I was a little kid. I would eat Vietnamese pho or Cantonese noodles at least once or twice a week. And when I learned about ramen, I fell in love.

Before coming to Japan, my goal was to travel all over Japan trying various regional ramen. Well, that was an unrealistic and optimistic dream. Even if I could, I’d probably die within a month from all the sodium and cholesterol. So I’m glad that I can’t/don’t. Despite what my friends think, I actually don’t eat ramen every day nor eat out that much.

So most of my restaurant reviews will be mostly ramen restaurants I’ve tried in Japan. But of course, I eat other things too and will share those reviews with you too.

Second, as for ramen soup bases, my favorite is tonkotsu (pork bone based). So my reviews might be more skewed towards tonkotsu than, let’s say, shoyu. So if you prefer other soup bases, those places might score higher for you than for me. But for what I can, I try to be as unbiased as possible.

Third, I also love spicy food. So I’m always looking for a place that has spicy ramen. And that’s actually a more difficult task than you may think. Japanese people don’t really eat spicy. Most of the time, let’s say 90%, when the menu says “spicy” or red, it’s barely spicy at all (for me). So if a ramen place has a “spicy”ramen on their menu, chances are I’ll try that instead of their main ramen.

For a quick crash course on ramen and the Japanese terms I’ll be using, please click on the link below.
Ramen crash course.