Men Dorobo

Name: Ramen Men Dorobo らーめん麺泥棒 Cuisine: Ramen Soup base Tonkotsu Shrimp Heaviness Light あっさり Noodles Hakata-style thin straight noodles Cost: ¥ (~¥800) Bargain: Average Payment: Cash Size: Small Wait: People usually finish eating ramen within 15 minutes Area: Konohana-ku, Osaka City, Japan Station: JR Nishikujo Station For Men Dorobo, they have several ramen on their menu ― tonkotsu ramen, black ramen, shrimp ramen,…… Continue reading Men Dorobo


Name: Sanpo-men 三豊麺 Cuisine: Ramen, tsukemen Soup base Tonkotsu Niboshi Heaviness Thick こってり Noodles Thick flat noodles Cost: ¥ (~¥900) Bargain: Good Payment: Cash On the way to Kuso Oyaji, I saw Sanpo. It’s a tsukemen chain. They have tonkotsu ramen, black tonkotsu, fish broth tsukemen, spicy tsukemen, etc. But what caught my eye was their advertisement of free extra large portions of…… Continue reading Sanpo-men


Name: Honmiyake 本みやけ Cuisine: Steak bowl Cost: ¥-¥¥ (¥1000-1700) Bargain: Yes Payment: Cash Size: Small; 14 counter seats Wait: 40-90 min all day Area: Hankyu Sanbangai, Umeda, Osaka City, Japan Station: Hankyu/Hanshin/Midosuji Umeda, JR Osaka Hidden in Hankyu Umeda Station’s Sanban-gai underground shopping complex maze, Honmiyake is a great bang-for-your-buck beef/steak bowl place in Osaka. It’s also very popular with domestic and foreign…… Continue reading Honmiyake

Soba Sen

Name: Chuka Soba Sen 中華そば 閃 Cuisine: Ramen, tsukemen, abura-soba Soup base Shio 塩 Shoyu 醤油 Niboshi 煮干し Heaviness Light あっさり Medium Noodles Medium straight noodles Medium flat noodles Cost: ¥ (¥800+) Bargain: Average Payment: Cash Size: Tiny; 9 counter seats Wait: 20+ minutes Area: Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City, Japan Station: Osaka Metro Abiko Station A ramen-loving co-worker took me here. She recommended their abura-soba…… Continue reading Soba Sen

Taiyo no Tomato

Name: Taiyo no Tomato 太陽のトマト麺 Cuisine: Ramen Soup base Tomato Heaviness Light Noodles This straight noodles Cost: ¥ (¥800+) Bargain: Pretty good Payment: Cash “What the heck? Tomato ramen? Sure, what the heck, I’ll try it.” I thought to myself. Especially, since it’s summer and I wanted to try something lighter than regular ramen. I later found out that…… Continue reading Taiyo no Tomato

Asian Bar Ramai

Name: Asian Bar Ramai アジアンバー ラマイ Cuisine: Soup curry Cost: ¥ (¥1,100) Bargain: Average Payment: Cash Area: Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City, Japan Station: Osaka Metro Abiko Station For lunch, I went to check out Asian Bar Ramai next to Abiko Station. It has really good reviews. It’s a soup curry chain from Sapporo where soup curry is popular. Actually, this Osaka one, other…… Continue reading Asian Bar Ramai


Name: Tsurushin Cuisine: Ramen Soup base Shio 塩 Shoyu 醤油 Heaviness Light あっさり Thick こってり Noodles Medium straight noodles Cost: ¥ (¥800+) Bargain: Average Payment: Cash Size: Medium; 7 counter seats; 4? booth tables Area: Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City, Japan Station: Osaka Metro Abiko Station I wanted to try this place because looking at their pictures on the internet, they have a Korean…… Continue reading Tsurushin