Name: Ten’gyan 天狗庵 Cuisine: Ramen, mazesoba Soup base Niboshi Heaviness Light あっさり Noodles Thick, flat Cost: ¥ (~¥1,000) Bargain: Good Size: Small; 11 seats Area: Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City Station: Kamishinjo Station Passing by, I saw that Ten’gyan has ‘Taiwan mazesoba’, a style of mazesoba which is basically mazesoba topped with nira chives and spicy ground pork, so I decided to try it… Continue reading Ten’gyan


Name: Pane-Pane パーネ・パーネ Cuisine: Bakery – melon bread Cost: ¥ (¥140) Bargain: Cheap Payment: Cash Size: N/A Wait: People usually finish eating ramen within 15 minutes Area: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Japan Station: Nippombashi Station, Exit 5 Here’s a quick review. A coworker told me that this tiny shop sells great melon bread. I was in the area so I decided to check… Continue reading Pane-Pane

Awaji-Shima Burger

Name: Awaji-Shima Burger 淡路島バーガー Cuisine: Hamburger Cost: ¥ (¥600+) Bargain: Very Good Payment: Cash Size: Tiny; 6 counter seats Wait: 15+ minutes Area: Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Station: JR Nishinomiya This is one of foodie friend’s favorite burger place in Japan. To him, it’s the best burger in Kansai or, maybe even, in Japan. I was finally able to try it with… Continue reading Awaji-Shima Burger

Volcano Kitchen

Name: Volcano Kitchen ボルケーノキッチン Cuisine: Roast Beef Bowl/Plate Cost: ¥-¥¥ (¥800+) Bargain: Good Payment: Cash Size: Small; ~8 counter seats, one 2-seat table, and one 4-seat table . Wait: 15? minutes Area: Fukushima-ku, Osaka City, Japan Station: Shin-Fukushima Station The restaurant is easy to find. It’s just across the street from Exit 3. Their specialty is a roast beef tower. They had three versions ― Volcano Plate (regular… Continue reading Volcano Kitchen

Maguro Koya

Name: Maguro Koya まぐろ小屋 Cuisine: Tuna (Bowls) Cost: ¥-¥¥ (¥1000+) Bargain: Good Payment: Cash Size: Small; 9? counter seats, two 4-seat table, and one 6-seat table Wait: ~15-30? minutes Area: Nara City, Japan Station: Kintetsu Nara Station The restaurant is easy enough to find. It’s just three blocks down the side street from the station. The place is quite small and intimate. It’s run by a friendly… Continue reading Maguro Koya

Pasadena Grill Diner

Name: Pasadena Grill Diner パサディナーダイナー Cuisine: Steak Cost: ¥¥ Bargain: Expensive Payment: Cash, credit card Size: Medium; 20+ seats Area: Umeda, Osaka City, Osaka Station: Umeda, Osaka My friend saw this restaurant on a TV program and wanted to try it out. The program advertised how the restaurant has big portions of steak. Inside, the decor was like an American diner. They have a bar section… Continue reading Pasadena Grill Diner

Red Rock

Name: Red Rock Cuisine: Steak Cost: ¥-¥¥ (~¥800+) Bargain: Good Payment: Cash Size: Big; 54 seats (counter, tables, booths) Wait: 30+ min. during lunch Area: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Japan Station: Shinsaibashi I saw a picture of their large roast beef bowl in food magazine, so I wanted to try it. I got the roast beef bowl (L) for ¥1150, Friend1 got the steak bowl (L)… Continue reading Red Rock